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We here are Savannah Sport and Social field quite a few question about who we are and what we do.  At the end of the day, the answers to both are pretty simple, but we thought we'd go ahead a save a few responses should inquiring minds want to know . . . 

"Are you the ONLY sport(s) and social club in Savannah?"

Nah! We can can't make that claim . . . as a matter of fact, no one can . . . that's just silly talk! Just a quick glance at the Savannah Sports Council Web siteone can quickly tally more than 50 clubs, leagues, and organizations . . . and those are just the ones that are listed!

"Does Savannah Sport and Social use officials that are paid and trained?"

Paid? No. Trained? We prefer to describe our officials as "experienced'!  For us the decision is relatively simple. Savannah Sport and Social exists to provide adults a means to meet people, have fun, and give back to their community. We're not splitting the atom here. We're not competing in the NFL, NBA, FIFA, or the NCAA. We look to our own to "self-officiate" the leagues, activities, and events we offer. Does a call get missed every now and then? Sure. But in the end, it's all about getting together, having fun, and helping others!  Besides . . . PAID and TRAINED doesn't guarantee the right calls are getting made . . . just ask these guys!

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