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Rules and Regulations

Savannah Sport and Social maintains a cooperative officiating model.  Where officiating is necessary, teams participating will provide personnel to officiate, unless officials are provided by Savannah Sport and Social. 

All rules adopted and used by Savannah Sport and Social will be clear, concise, and not open to interpretation, and will be applied and enforced in consistent fashion.  

Any dispute will be promptly addressed by team captains/designees, officials present, and/or a member of the Savannah Sport and Social board.  

Our officiating model will also feature the following:

  • Ongoing education and training for all officials and participants
  • Active participation in officiating by Savannah Sport and Social board members
  • All rules and regulations will be made available online for use and review
  • An appropriate number of officials per field/event
  • Multi-team participation to reduce bias
  • Waiver-based rules and regulation acknowledgement upon registration

Again, the end goal of Savannah Sport and Social is to create and maintain a safe, fun, friendly, and competitive environment for all involved!  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly!

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