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Volleyball (Indoor) Rules and Regulations

Volleyball (Indoor) Rules and Regulations

Savannah Sport and Social General Guidelines

1. Meet.  Compete.  Win.  It's who we are, and what we do! We are a not for profit organization whose profits benefit charitable entities in the greater Savannah area and beyond. Through event-based activities, one-off tourneys, and league-play, we meet, play, and give back to our communities!  

2. The aforementioned is the end goal of Savannah Sport and Social.  We will strive to create and maintain a safe, fun, friendly, and competitive environment for all involved.  

3. Most - if not all - of our activities, events, tournaments, and leagues will have a competitive component.  It is the expectation of Savannah Sport and Social that all involved - including spectators - will treat one another with courtesy and respect.

4. Any untoward or unsportsmanlike behavior - by anyone involved, at any time - will not be tolerated, and will be addressed by Savannah Sport and Social in a prompt and appropriate manner, which may include ejection, suspension, and/or being banned from membership.

5. All adult beverages will be enjoyed in accordance with local laws and ordinances.  


1. Savannah Sport and Social maintains a cooperative officiating model.  Where officiating is necessary, teams participating will provide personnel to officiate said activity, unless otherwise noted.  

2. All rules adopted and used by Savannah Sport and Social will be clear, concise, and not open to interpretation, and will be applied and enforced in consistent fashion.

3. Any dispute will be promptly addressed by team captains/designees, officials present, and/or a member of the Savannah Sport and Social board. 

4. Again, the end goal of Savannah Sport and Social is to create and maintain a safe, fun, friendly, and competitive environment for all involved.  

5. For more detail on all rules, their application, and enforcement, please visit:


1. All participants of any Savannah Sport and Social activity, event, tournament, and/or league, agree to maintain the cleanliness of all areas, parks, and venues we utilized.  Further, all participants commit to leaving all areas, parks, and venues in better condition upon our departure.

2. Savannah Sport and Social will provide trash bags and trash removal following all activities, events, tournaments, and or league play.  We merely ask that you take care to pick up after yourselves.


1. All participants of any Savannah Sport and Social activity, event, tournament, and/or league, will have electronically acknowledged general liability, and applicable rules/regulations waivers.  Acknowledgment of waivers constitutes acceptance and signature.

2. Participants must be 18 (eighteen) years of age on or before the commencement date of any activity, event, tournament, and/or league.  Where applicable, the participant may also be required to be 21 (twenty-one) years of age on or before the commencement date.  In the event participants are younger than 18 (eighteen) years of age, a parent or legal guardian must execute the required waivers on their behalf.

3. Team captains are responsible for verifying the ages of all players, be they rostered, guest, and/or substitute.

4. All participants of any Savannah Sport and Social activity, event, tournament, and/or league, should maintain adequate health insurance.

5. Participants must complete registration, including full payment - when necessary - and applicable waivers.


1. While there is no maximum number of players that a team may carry on their roster, there is a 2 (two) player minimum, where at least one player is female.  

2. The desired team size and make-up is six (six) players, where 2 (two) are female, and 4 (four) are male. 

3. In lieu of a sufficient number of male players, female players may be utilized.  Male players may not be used in place of female players.

4. Teams may utilize substitutes in place of missing rostered players.  During preseason and the regular season, substitutes may be guests that are not presently participating in the league - once appropriate waiver(s) have been acknowledged and accepted - and/or players from any other team in the league.  

5. A maximum of 3 (three) substitutes will be permitted.  If a team requires more than three substitutes, that team may forfeit the win, but can still play the game.   

6. In the event that both teams are playing short players, guest players may only be added by either team so as to bring each team to equal number(s)/strength.

7. Every rostered, guest, or substitute player present must play.  

8. Should a rostered player, guest, or substitute arrive during match play, they may enter play as their team sees fit. 

9. Any given player may only play for one team per division (where division play is being utilized).

10. Savannah Sport and Social reserves the right to request identification from any player - rostered, substitute, and/or guest - to confirm that they are on a given roster and/or have signed all applicable waivers.

11. The team captain alone shall serve as the only liaison between their team, any game officials, and Savannah Sport and Social.

Team Uniforms and Player Equipment

1. Teams are strongly encouraged to adopt and wear at a minimum a team t-shirt or jersey.  

2. Further, teams are highly encouraged to express their creativity and have fun in choosing a team name, players' names, team colors, and more.

3. Athletic clothing is urged when playing volleyball. 

4. Closed-toe shoes must be worn.  Sneakers or athletic shoes are suggested/recommended. 

5. Savannah Sport and Social will provide all other equipment necessary.

Game/Match Play

1. When possible, matches will consist of 3 (three) games, each played to 15 (fifteen), where the winning team must win by at least 2 (two) points.

2. Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine serve or side for the first and third games in each match.  Teams will switch serve and side for the second game (based on the RPS outcome of the first game).  Teams may also opt to switch sides once a certain number of points have been scored, i.e. 8 (eight) points.  

3. During the regular season, all games are played so as to determine seeding for the end of season tournament.  The end of season tournament will feature "best of three" match play.

4. Rally scoring will be utilized.  Rally scoring awards points to either the serving or receiving team, based upon the outcome of any given volley.

5. Each team is allowed one, two-minute time-out per game, without carryover.

6. If a team is playing with more than 6 (six) players, substitutions must rotate after each side out.  Players will rotate from the front-right, to the back-right position.  Substitutions are only made at the aforementioned point in the rotation.  The incoming substitute will begin play as the server.  If a team illegally substitutes a player (i.e. not substituting as outlined above, or rotates out of order), that team will forfeit their serve immediately, with all players relocating to their previous positions.

7. A ball is deemed in when it comes in contact with the surface of the playing court, including the boundary lines.

8. A ball is deemed out when it comes in contact with the surface outside of the boundary lines, touches any object outside the court (i.e. basketball nets, or lighting), including, but not limited to, guy-lines, posts, and/or net and net tensioning lines that fall outside the boundary lines.

9. Each team is permitted to hit or touch the ball during any given volley, a maximum of 3 (three) times in the course of returning it to the other team.  If more than three hits or touches are utilized, that team commits a fault, and a point is awarded accordingly.  Hits or touches can be both intentional and/or unintentional.

10. Any given player many not hit or touch a ball in play, 2 (two) times consecutively.

11. A ball in play may hit or touch any part of the body, including the foot.

12. A ball in play must be hit or touched, and cannot be caught, thrown, or carried/lifted, during the course of regular play.

13. A ball in play may touch various parts of the body, only if such contact occurs simultaneously.

14. The following are considered faults:

a. Four or more hits/touches.

b. Back row player spiking a ball while in front of the attack (ten foot) line.

c. Catching, throwing, carrying, or lifting a ball in play.

d. Single player hitting or touching a ball in play multiple times in succession.

e. Double fault on the serve.

f. Contact with the net, including contact caused by player momentum.

g. Any player comes in contact with an opposing player, on their side of the court, before or during the process of their respective return attempt.

15. Any ball delivered to the opposing court must travel over the net.  The ball may touch the net (not including the serve), and proceed into the opposing court.

16. Any ball hit or touched into the net, may be played off the net, within the 3 (three) hit/touch limitation.

17. A player may break the plane of the net on a spike and/or block, in so far as he or she does not interfere with an opposing player attempt to return a ball in play.  If a ball in play is directly over the net, then players from both teams have a right to play the ball.

18. A player may travel under the net provided he or she does not come in contact with the net, nor interfere with play.

19. Jump serves are not permitted.

20. A serve that comes in contact with the net and proceeds over, is considered a single fault, and another attempt is granted.  Two consecutive faults on a serve will result in a side out with a point awarded accordingly.

21. As a serving team wins any given volley, the serving player continues serving.

22. As the receiving team wins any given volley, the right to serve is gained, and players rotate prior to service.  The player moves from the right-front position, to the right-back position to serve.

23. The service cannot be blocked.

24. No receiving player may leave his or her feet to return or block a serve.

25. The serving player may not come in contact with the end line during service, or a single fault is called, with one more attempt granted.  Two end line/foot faults during service will result in a side out with a point awarded accordingly.

26. A block contact is not considered a team hit/touch, and said team is still permitted the 3 (three) hit/touch limit.

27. The first hit or touch following a block, may be executed by any player, including the player initially blocking the ball.


1. Forfeits will be recorded as losses for the forfeiting team.  The team present will receive the win.

2. During the regular season and end of season tournament play, following an initial 10 (ten) minute grace period from the scheduled start, the forfeiting team will forfeit the first game.  After the expiration of 15 (fifteen) minutes from the scheduled start, the entire match will be forfeited.     

3. During the regular season, one win will be awarded to the team present for each game scheduled (i.e.  There are three games in each match, therefore, the team present will be awarded three points for three wins.  The forfeiting team will receive zero points.)  During end of season tournament play, the maximum number of points awarded per forfeited match can only total two, as tournaments are played as "best of three" format.

4. The team present must have the minimum number of players allowed in order to receive points.  If both teams do not, neither team is awarded any points, and the game(s)/match will not be rescheduled.

5. If any team is aware in advance that they will not be present to play as scheduled, a team representative must notify Savannah Sport and Social, at least 24 (twenty-four) hours prior to the scheduled match, via any means available (i.e. text, email, social medial, and/or telephone).  Should a forfeiting team not provide sufficient notification, action, up to and including, the automatic forfeiture of future scheduled games, and/or a penalty loss in tournament play, may be taken.

6. Teams that forfeit 3 (three) matches in one regular season, will forfeit the remainder of their season, including end-of-season tournament play.

Tournament Rules

1. All preseason and regular season rules apply save those outlined below.

2. All teams will participate in the tournament, and seeded in accordance with their regular season performance.  Savannah Sport and Social reserves the right to move teams to other divisions based upon the number of teams participating in the tournament.  Again, this will be based upon regular season standings/performance.

3. Matches will be "best of three," format, with all games "won by at least two points."

4. Teams may utilize substitutes in place of missing rostered players and/or to bring their tournament rosters up to full field strength - 6 (six) player maximum and/or the requisite number of required players according to gender (i.e. four male and two female).  Substitutes may be guests that are not presently participating in the league - once appropriate waiver(s) have been acknowledged and accepted - and must have played in at least one regular season game as a guest player for said team.

5. Guest players will remit a tournament fee of $10 (ten dollars).

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